Reasons To Get Cat Health & Dental Insurance

There is a growing number of cat owners in America buying pet health and dental insurance for their cats.And the numbers are continue to climb every year.People want to be sure they have all the financial means in case of an unexpected medical or dental intervention for their pet cat.

cat health and dental insuranceHowever a considerable number of cat owners do not to think about purchasing cat health and dental insurance for the family cat simply because it seems as if cats never get sick.The truth is that there are many health problems that can cause the family cat to need to visit the family veterinarian and most of them are expensive. On the rare occasions cat owners find themselves facing an emergency vet bill they wish they had purchased a pet health care policy for their cat.

When humans think about cat allergies they automatically assume you are talking about humans who are allergic to cat hair, what they don’t realize is that cats can have allergies all of their own that can plague them for the rest of their lives. Some cats suffer from inhalant allergies, these are allergies caused by inhalant allergens which are airborne particles that irritate the respiratory system. Inhalant allergies often make themselves apparent in asthma like symptoms.

Cats who suffer from inhalant allergies will also have skin lesions and experience hair loss. Dusty kitty litters, pollen, perfumes, cleaning sprays, deodorizers, dust, and smoke are all things your family cat might be allergic to.

A second type of allergy cats suffer from are called contact allergies with are allergies that are caused be physical contact with a substance that causes a physical reaction (often hives, swelling, and/or hair loss). Contact allergens a house cat might be exposed to are plants, carpet fresheners/cleaners, household cleaners, dust, synthetic fibers, wool fibers, some medicated skin crams, and ink.

If your cat has any type of allergies do not treat it with an over-the-counter anti-allergy medication without your veterinarian’s advice. Some cats require veterinary care for anal gland problems. Anal glands are small glands in the anal sphincter muscle. Sometimes these glands become impacted, injured, or infected and require veterinary care.

Veterinarians say that most cat constipation is caused by a hairball that is plugging up the cat’s system. If the hairball is extremely large your veterinarian may have to perform immediate surgery to remove it. Like us humans cats suffer from liver and kidney disease. Liver and kidney disease is most commonly seen in older cats although some younger cats will suffer liver disease that can be caused by parasites, medications, infections, cancers, and toxins. Blood tests are normally needed to accurately diagnosis kidney or liver disease.

A potentially lethal inflammation of the pancreas is called panacreatitis. Pancreatitis can be caused by infections, shock, trauma, and/or metabolic disorders. Cats that have pancreatitis typically have abdominal pain, fever, elevated heart rate.Pancreatitis is often associated with diabetes.

As you can see,there are many health problems your cat can suffer from,and most of the treatments are quite expensive.According to APPA (American Pet Products Association)  the leading not-for-profit trade association estimates,Americans will spend $13.59 billion on veterinary care this year, which is up 1.3% from  last year.

Here are some of the reasons for making an unexpected trip to the vet:

  • Cuts/lacerations
  • Lameness
  • Road traffic accident
  • Abscess
  • Bites
  • Pyrexia/anorexia of unknown origin
  • Foreign body (swallowed)
  • Ear infection
  • Gastroenteritis(inflamation of the gastrointestinal tract

Your cat insurance would cover all of these common conditions. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Pet insurance is becoming increasingly essential as the cost of vets’ bills continues to rise.

So what types of cat health insurance policies you might expect to find?

As with all insurance, there are a number of variations. You can opt to purchase additional cover or cover for specific things not covered by the outlines below.Many insurance companies will offer an additional discount for multiple pets,so get them insured all of them at the same time and save.And some insurance companies will offer an ‘accident only’ policy, that is designed towards providing veterinary fee cover for accidents or emergencies, keeping the premium at a very reasonable price.

  • Level one insurance – Commonly referred to as a ‘cover for life policy’, this is where
    companies offer a fixed amount of cover for vet fees each year and then
    reinstate this amount each year when the policy is renewed. A cat with
    arthritis, for example, would be covered for this condition during its lifetime,
    and the owner would pay an excess each year. This type of cover can be expensive but is suitable for long term, ongoing conditions.
  • Level two insurance – The second type of insurance policy involves a maximum limit on
    the amount paid out for each condition, so, you can claim for as long as it
    takes to reach this limit. This is generally less expensive than level one and
    is also suitable for long term conditions.
  • Level three insurance – This type of cover has a maximum monetary limit per condition
    and a maximum time limit that a condition can be claimed for (normally 12 months from its onset). Once the maximum monetary or time limit has been reached the condition will no longer be covered. This is commonly referred to as a 12 month policy.


Do Your Homework Before You Buy a Health and Dental Insurance for Your Cat

Check what is covered and what is not,since some pet health insurances will only cover emergency care and not routine care. Other will not cover preexisting or breed specific inherited health conditions. Some insurance will include routine dental care as well as emergencies, whereas others will require you to purchase extra or separate insurance for dental coverage. And if your cat is past certain age ,you might have a hard time finding an insurance,if you find one the price will most likely be much higher.

When comparing pet insurance cover, always make sure that you know exactly what it is that you are looking for from your insurance provider and choose a policy that matches your needs,in order to avoid being caught off guard by not covered medical or dental care unexpected cost.

Having a cat health and dental insurance plan will help offset the cost of vet bills,and will give you peace of mind.


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