Cat Flea Collar-Types,Effectiveness And Side Effects

Fleas are very common in cats, and are more than an annoyance to your feline friend. This small, sucking, insect can cause flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). large infestations can cause dehydration in your cat. Other danger of the cat flea is that the flea carries the larval stage of the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum. Also adult fleas feed on cat blood, and in young kittens this can cause weakness, anemia and even death.

cat flea collarsThe most common flea found on cats is Ctenocephalides felis, one of the most widespread species. Since they have a complicated life cycle, involving the stages of an egg, larva, pupa, and adult, it makes them hard to eliminate and also keep away.

Depending on temperature and also humidity, the entire life cycle of the cat flea can be completed in as little as 12-14 days. Adults flea can live 1 to 2 months without a meal and can survive 7 to 8 months with one. Adult fleas are wingless  but their powerful legs enable them to jump about a 15 cm vertical jump.

Flea control procedures have changed substantially these days, these come in a variety of forms, to name a few, collars, powders, dips, sprays, and spot-on products.

Will take a closer look at cat flea collars, a word of caution though, NEVER use a flea treatment product formulated for dogs on your cat, since these animals have very different physiology and metabolic pathways.

What Does A Cat Flea Collar Do?

Feline flea collars are used to kill the existing fleas on a cat and to prevent new fleas from attacking.There are three basic types of flea collars available in the market, insecticide (gas emitting and toxin emitting), herbal and electronic cat flea collars.It is very important that the cat flea collar is made specifically for cats,since some dog flea and tick collars can be dangerous to cats.[easyazon-image align="right" asin="B0010724OM" locale="us" height="141" src="" width="124"]


  • Gas emitting insecticides:When placed around the cat’s neck, the gas emitting insecticides produce a gas that is toxic to fleas. It is useful to protect the head and neck area of your cat. Since gas emitting collars are not very effective in eliminating fleas on other parts of your cat’s body, other treatments are usually necessary along with the cat flea collar.
  • Toxin emitting insecticides:They work by releasing a toxin which is absorbed into your cat’s skin. Big difference between insecticide gas emitting flea collar and the toxin emitting one is that toxin emitting cat flea collars can protect your cat’s entire body. Once the fleas bite your pet, the toxin which is in your cat’s skin, kills the fleas. This type is the most effective cat flea collar, unfortunately it has one draw back, it will only kill adult fleas, not their eggs. Meaning that you will still require treatment to kill the new fleas when they hatch.


  • Herbal cat flea collars: These are natural effective and usually low-cost flea collars. They are good alternative to most commercial products, containing chemicals that can harm your cat. Essential oils such as cedarwood, rosemary, rosemary geranium, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, Citronella and Rue, are used in that type of cat flea collars. Essential oils are evenly distributed through out the collar making it possible for a slow and controlled release of essential oils throughout the long life of the collar. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this type of collar is that, you may need to use a chemical based flea killer product if your cat is heavily infested with fleas.


  • Ultrasonic cat flea collar:It uses the latest electronic technology to create powerful ultrasonic pulses, inaudible and harmless to pets and humans however intolerable for fleas.

    Cat Flea Collar Effectiveness

Are flea collars effective in eliminating the fleas? Well, when it comes to flea control products, there is no one product that is 100% effective and have no side effects. As for cat flea collars, in this particular case, they are prefered for predominantly outdoor cats, as it does not require treatment of the environment. Yet another advantage of cat flea collars is their price, less expensive than some of the other flea prevention methods available.

The collars are really effective on the front half of the body, closest to cat’s neck and head where the collars are worn. Due to this fact, flea and tick collars are generally more effective protection against tick bites because ticks often try to attach around the head and neck.

Also cat flea collars are less effective when compared to flea drops,however they do offer the long-lasting performance and ease of application,and they are generally safer.Why?,because many cats are allergic to over-the-counter flea drops,and flea collar can be a very good alternative.

Cat Flea Collar Side Effects

As cat flea collars offer protection,however there are some side effects associated with flea collars.

  • Cat flea collars can cause neck irritation,long term use can result in a permanent hair loss,since  flea collars are made to sit tightly around your kitty’s neck
  • Breathing difficulty and drooling.Organophosphates chemicals  found in high concentration in cat flea collars may lead to excessive drooling  in addition to  breathing problems
  • Toxic to small children,insecticides used in cat flea collars are considered harmful for small children.A herbal cat flea collar should be considered instead,these collars don’t contain insecticides and are safe for both pets and children

Even though flea collars have some health concerted side effects,they do work well.As a preventive method and in combination with other flea treatment programs.And if you have small children around,for safety purposes you should go with herbal cat flea collar,since they are safe for children and your pet.

Prevention is the best medicine.Here is what you can do in order to avoid fleas and ticks:

  • Bath your cat regularly  with natural cleaners
  • Once a week wash cat’s bedding in hot and soapy water
  • Fine-toothed cat flea comb should be used on your cat regularly

Flea collars are not as popular as they used to be as only method of flea treatment.However,adding a flea collar to your current flea prevention routine especially at the height of flea season can increase the effectiveness of the whole flea treatment program.They are are a simple,easy to use,long lasting and hassle-free form of treatment.




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